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General Questions

Where are you based?

Captain Cash HQ is based in the beautiful town of Blackpool

Our full company address is: Captain Cash, 291-305, Lytham Rd, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY4 1EW. Unfortunately, we don't currently accept visitors or drop-ins to sell your items.

I work as a charity, can I use you?

We're extremely proud of all the work we do to unlock extra income for charity shops around the UK.

Captain Cash works along side Veterans & Charities and turns unsold and non-saleable charity shop donations into immediate funds for charity. shops and hospices.

What types of items do you buy?

We're all about turning a wide range of old and vintage items into immediate cash for you. So long as we have an expert in-house to appraise your vintage piece, we'll buy it. 


Items people typically sell to Captain Cash:


  • Jewellery and Costume Jewellery (e.g. gold, silver, charms, cameos, rings, brooches etc)
  • Silver and silver plate (e.g. tea sets, trays, cutlery, candlesticks, jewellery, mirrors and more)
  • Old coins and currency (e.g. pre-1920 and pre-1947 British coinage, gold coins, pre-decimal coins, international banknotes)
  • Gold (e.g. rings, chains, pendants, bracelets, cufflinks, tie pins, timepieces, coins, cigarette cases) 
  • Watches and Pocket Watches (e.g. top wound and key wound pocket watches, ladies' cocktail watches, men's dress watches, military watches, etc)
  • Medals and Militaria (e.g. war medals, military badges, regimental attire, ceremonial items, swords, uniforms, binoculars)
  • Writing instruments (e.g. old-fashioned fountain pens, Mont Blanc and Cartier pens, propelling pencils and Yard-o-led)
  • Cameras (e.g. pre-digital cameras and equipment, 35mm cameras and lenses, pinhole cameras, polaroid cameras, old tripods, filters and film)
  • Smoking paraphernalia (e.g. cigarette cases, cigar cutters, WW1 trench lighters, Dunhill or DuPont, vintage lighters - gold, silver and plated always desirable)

This list of what we buy is by no means exhaustive, so if you think you might have something for us please contact us to discuss your items.

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What items don't you accept?

Whilst we have some of the finest examples of vintage/antique experts in the country at our disposal, unfortunately we don't have an expert (or a selling outlet) for everything.


Items Captain Cash don't accept:


Breakable items such as fine china, pottery, glass, vases - these items rarely survive the postal system and aren't insured, so we ask you don't send them.
Modern technology items such as digital cameras, CDs, DVDs, games consoles, mobile phones.
Furniture - we don't have an expert in this field or a way of posting large furniture items.
Restricted or illegal items such as weapons, stolen goods and counterfeit goods.
Other items such as: porcelain dolls, vintage clothing, furs, comics, paintings, stamps, taxidermy, books, annuals, sheet music and barometers.


If you send us a box of items that we do not accept, they will be returned to you in the condition they were received in and no offer will be made.

Home Collections

How can I arrange a home collection?

if you can't take your box to the Post Office we also offer a free, tracked and insured Parcelforce home collection service.


To book a collection you can contact us via email or telephone.


Alternatively, once you've signed up to Captain Cash you will receive instructions (via email) on how to book a collection through your online account. Just follow the link we send you to book your collection, select a date and book away!

Do I need a label/sticker for a home collection?

All you need for your home collection is a cardboard box and something to put inside it! 


There's no need to stick any labels onto your box - your Parcelforce driver will bring their own.


Note: you will receive an email or SMS from Parcelforce saying that you must write a recipient address and reference on the outside of your box.

Can I amend or cancel my collection date?

If you'd like to change or cancel the date of your collection, please contact us or call 07517695091. 


Please give us at least 24 hours notice before the date of your original collection otherwise we may not be able to notify Parcelforce in time.

Missed my collection slot, what should I do?

If you missed your Parcelforce driver, they won't automatically turn up the next day! 


You'll need to book another collection with us or use your pre-paid postage labels to send your box from a Post Office branch instead. 

Sending Your Items

How can I send my box of items?

Sending your box of items to us is free, easy and safe. Every parcel you send is paid for by us using a tracked service (via Parcelforce) with £300 of insurance to be safe. 


There are two ways you can send your box to us: 


1) Using your pre-paid postage labels 

When you order your free selling guide, we include 2x pre-paid postage labels and sender details stickers. All you need to do is pack your items into a cardboard box, stick on one postage label and one sender details sticker, and then drop your box into any UK Post Office. 


You can click here to find your nearest Post Office branch. 


The Post Office will accept the parcel at no cost to you and we'll be working on your appraisal in no time. 


2) By booking a free home collection 

After signing up you'll receive various communications inviting you to book a FREE Parcelforce home collection. Simply follow the instructions provided (or contact us via email/telephone) to book your collection for a date that works for you.


Parcelforce will then collect your box on the date you selected. 


There's no need to stick anything to your box as your Parcelforce driver will bring their own postage label. If you receive any information from Parcelforce to the contrary, please ignore this - it isn't applicable to our service. 

Does it cost anything to send my items?

Captain Cash to be the free and easy way to sell your old stuff, meaning it never costs you anything to send your box of items. 


Who pays for postage?


We pay for postage on your box, you don't pay for anything. However, as we're covering the postage to receive your box (approx. £13.50 per box!) we ask that you include a wide range of items and/or items of value to ensure we can make you a cash offer that is worth your while. This is also why we ask you to fill up a big box instead of sending 2. 

Are the contents of my box insured?

Yes, every parcel we receive is automatically insured up to £300 against loss or damage.


To ensure your parcel is properly protected we encourage you to tape it securely and include plenty of bubblewrap. We do not accept breakable items (such as china or glass) as they are highly likely to damage in transit. 


In unusual circumstances where a customer has particularly high value items, we can increase the level of insurance on the parcel. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss this. 

Where can I get a cardboard box from?

We do not send a cardboard box for your to pack your items into, we're all about sustainability so encourage you to find your own pre-used box to pack your items into.


There's likely to be one around your home or in the attic - if not, see if your neighbour has one, or collect one from a supermarket. 


The bigger the box the better. You can fit up to 30kg of items inside, and there's no size limit. 

Returning Your Items

Can you return items to me?

If you aren't happy with your cash offer, or if you've changed your mind for any reason, we will return your items to you free of charge. 


It is extremely important you tell us you wish to have your items returned before accepting any cash offer from us. When we contact you with your cash offer we ask you to tell us then if you would like a return.


As soon as we've purchased a box, the items are separated for processing so cannot be returned to you.

How will my items be returned to me?

We will send your items back to you using a Parcelforce tracked service. Please allow up to 3 working days for us to re-pack your items, plus 2 working days for your delivery to arrive. 


You will receive a tracking code via email and/or SMS upon requesting your box is returned

Does it cost to return my items?

Our service is designed to be 100% free, making it the risk-free way to sell your old stuff. It doesn't cost you a penny to receive your items back. 

How long will it take to receive my returns parcel?

Please allow up to 3 working days for our team to re-pack your items, plus a further 2 working days for Parcelforce to deliver them back to you. 


You will receive a tracking code via email/SMS so you can plan for your returns parcel arriving. 

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